Current sock setup

Currently and for the past two months I have been rocking a pair of (insert) and a pair of (insert) as my daily drivers for socks.  With the temperatures hanging out between 8c as a high and -1c as a low on a warm day and 3c as a high and -5 as a low on a cold day. My feet are getting warmer and sweatier by the day.  It will be time to start rocking lightweight socks on the daily and switch to a lighter boot possibly even a trail runner very soon. My boot of choice this winter was the Keen (insert) and I have been loving them good comfort great grip good waterproofing decent breathability for a mostly leather boot.  I might retire them early and keep them as my go to for recreational use.  I have also been toying with the idea of trying out sock liners as well as bamboo socks and see if they can keep my feet dry and comfortable.



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